Oatly - Creme Fraiche

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It’s a fraiche without the creme! The geniuses at Oatly have worked really hard to make sure that their Oat Fraiche provides the same great performance as a traditional creme fraiche, but without the creme. 

Use it in dips, sauces, slather it on your toast, even put in your coffee if you're into that sort of thing...

Ingredients: Fermented oat base (water, oats, starter culture), rapeseed oil, fully hydrogenated coconut- and rapeseed oil, potato starch, emulsifier (E472e), stabilizer (E407), acids (malic acid, lactic acid), calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate.

Storage: keep at refrigerated 3-5C and consume before use by date (usually 2-4 weeks of delivery).