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Selection Box - An Introduction to Veganism

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Our most popular selection box. Perfect for those new to veganism or fauxmage-sceptics

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For so many people embracing veganism for the first time, giving up and replacing dairy cheese will be pretty tough. Our selection box contains our best 'converter' cheeses - perfect for those new to veganism or fauxmage-sceptics. With larger serving sizes than our usual taster boxes this selection is made for sharing!


1. Veganzola - Honestly Tasty - 100g
2. Farmhouse - Kinda Co. - 120g 
3. Smoke House - Strictly Roots Vegan - 100g
4. Shamembert - Honestly Tasty - approx 160g
5. Miner Threat- I Am Nut Ok - 115g
6. Garlic & Herb - Kinda Co. - 120g
7. Gluten Free Seed Crackers - 75g


Once cheeses are opened, it's best to remove their packaging and place in a container to maintain freshness. 

For specific allergen, shelf life and storage information, please refer to individual product pages listed above.

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