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When we first opened our little Brixton store we'd spent weeks trying to find the right Camembert. We nervously decided that we would rather open our store with no Camembert, than a sub-standard one! After weeks of watching our customers heart's sink as we broke the news that we had no Camembert in stock, we found Mouse's Favourite Camembert Style...

And we've never looked back.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, water, sea salt, cultures.

Allergens in bold. 

Shelf life and storage: 2-3 weeks from manufacture, use within 1 week of opening. Keep refrigerated below 5ºc. It will become firmer and stronger in flavour as it matures. We do not recommend freezing this cheese as it can destroy the delicious cultures.

Typically 130-140 grams per wheel  

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