The Ultimate Christmas Hamper

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This is a cheese hamper like you’ve never seen before, including Fauxmagerie favourites from the most talented cheesemakers around. Boasting beauties like The Arty Vegan’s Brie-so, handmade chutneys by Strictly Roots Vegan, and even the infamous and ever-elusive and exclusive Shamembert, this hamper of handpicked wonders will revolutionise your Christmas feast. There will be no missing out for you dairy-free foodies this Christmas, and most importantly, no compromising on flavour! 

But, there’s just one catch - WE ONLY HAVE 150 HAMPERS AVAILABLE! So do make sure you place your order early. Deliveries will be made between the 17th to the 20th of December in the UK only, or can be collected in store. 


  1. Vegan Cartel - Seitan Bacon Rashers - 120g
  2. Smoke House - Strictly Roots Vegan - 100g
  3. MinerThreat - I Am Nut Ok - 100g
  4. Veganzola - Honestly Tasty - 100g
  5. Farmhouse – Kinda Co. – 100g
  6. Seitan Chorizo – The Arty Vegan – 200g
  7. Pastramheat – Sgaia – 120g
  8. Brie-so – The Arty Vegan – 200g
  9. Caramelised Beetroot Chutney - Strictly Roots Vegan
  10. 10 Hour Maple Smoked – Food by Sumear – 100g
  11. Clearspring Organic Oatcakes - Sea Veg 
  12. White Cheddar & Cranberry - Kinda Co. - 100g
  13. Foiegeddaboutit (Faux Gras) - I Am Nut Ok - 100g
  14. Bombay Banger - Strictly Roots Vegan - 100g
  15. Honea But+er - Plant-based Artisan 
  16. Pear, Quince and Pickled Walnut Chutney - Strictly Roots Vegan
  17. Shamembert - Honestly Tasty - 200g
  18. Blue Mountain - Strictly Roots Vegan - 100g


* If you'd like your hamper sent out before or after these dates please contact us at before placing your order.

*Arty Vegan Brie-So will have relatively short shelf life and need to be consumed within 6 and 10 days of delivery. All other cheeses have 10+ days shelf life if stored in an airtight container in the fridge, or 1-2 months shelf life if stored in the freezer.

*All cheeses and meats can be frozen on day of delivery for 1-2 months, except Arty Vegan - Brie-So, Strictly Roots Vegan - SmokeHouse, and Honestly Tasty - Shamembert.

*Your hamper basket may be a slightly different colour to that in the image, but all contents will be the same. All hamper baskets are free from animal derivatives and use faux leather.

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