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Honea But+er

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Honea but+er is a bee-less vegan honey and butter alternative blend that offers a sumptuous creamy flavour, with a hint of umami to delight the palate. It has a sweet yet savoury profile with a natural honey-like flavour, and is made with cashew nuts and cocoa butter to provide a decadent velvety texture.This rich honea but+er pairs excellently with sourdough bread and crumpets as well as savoury dishes!

Ingredients: Honea (38.6%, sugar, inulin, apple juice, water, natural flavours, lemon juice, molasses) coconut oil, cashew nuts (12.8%), water, cocoa butter, soy lecithin†, sea salt, miso* (Water, soybeans, rice, salt), tamari* (Soya beans, water, salt, mirin (rice, water, cultured rice)).

Allergens in bold. 
*-Organic / †-Non-GMO

Storage: refrigerate at 3-5C.

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