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This decadent black truffle and porcini mushroom pâté boasts deep earthy, aromatic flavours and a melt in your mouth texture. Topped with an extra dose of truffle oil, we call it faux gras, aka vegan foie gras.

This cashew and truffle pâté has a rich and indulgent, savoury taste. An absolutely perfect addition to any cheeseboard, this umami bomb will impress any guests - vegan or not. 

A solid version of I Am Nut OK's popular Foiegeddaboutit truffle spread and a La Fauxmagerie exclusive - this cruelty free pâté will not disappoint. 

Ingredients: cashew nuts, mushroom mix, truffle oil, coconut oil, tamari, rice miso (soy), nutritional yeast, pink himalayan salt, onion, spices, herbs.

Allergens in bold. 
May contain traces of gluten, nuts, soya and mustard or sesame.

Storage: store in the fridge between 3-5C. Last 3 weeks. Eat within 5 days of opening. Can be frozen for up to 4 months.

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