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For so many people embracing veganism for the first time this January, giving up and replacing dairy cheese will be pretty tough. That's why this month, our selection box contains our best 'converter' cheeses - perfect for those new to veganism or fauxmage-sceptics. With larger serving sizes than our usual taster boxes this selection is made for sharing!

In the spirit of sharing, we want to see you sharing your cheeses with a plant-based cheese newbie! We're running a competition to find the best video of a non-vegan tasting our cheeses for the first time. We want to see your dads face change after he reluctantly bites into Veganzola, we want to see your gran nibbling on some farmhouse with her tea. We want laughs, we want tears, we want to be moved like we haven't been moved since that John Lewis Christmas Ad with Monty the penguin.

The winner will be chosen via Instagram on February 1st and will receive a £100 gift voucher to spend with us in store or online!


1. Veganzola - Honestly Tasty - 100g
2. Farmhouse - Kinda Co. - 100g
3. Smoke House - Strictly Roots Vegan - 100g
4. Shamembert - Honestly Tasty - approx 160g
5. Miner Threat - I Am Nut Ok - 100g
6. Spring Special - Kinda Co. - 100g 
7. Clearpsring Organic Oatcakes

To celebrate the release of a vegan version of the UK's favourite crisp flavour, we will also be adding a complimentary bag of the brand new Vegan Sheese and Red Onion crisps from Kettle Chips. The new flavour was developed in collaboration with the fantastic team at BOSH! *While stocks last.

Please note that cheeses must be removed from their packaging and placed in a container in the fridge upon delivery.

For allergen, shelf life and storage information, please refer to individual product pages listed above.

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