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Vhalloumi is a beautiful cooking cheese that truly comes into its own when grilled. If thin slices of the cheese are placed in a hot non-stick pan, the outside will rapidly become crisp and golden brown, while the centre softens. 

Vhalloumi can be cubed, skewered and grilled over charcoal, a grill or a pan and is best served with salad, hummus and pita bread.

Ingredients: deionised water, organic raw and activated cashew nuts (50%), organic tapioca flour, organic pea protein, sea salt, vegan live bacteria. Stabilisers: Organic locust bean gum, Xanthan gum.

Allergens in bold.

Storage: 30 days in the refrigerator, 3 months in the freezer. After opening, it must be eaten within 3 days.

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