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The smoked Vegan Cheeze Ball is a delicious handmade vegan cheese with a rich colour and velvety texture. With its deep smokey flavour and hint of paprika, it will delight your tastebuds.

Ingredients: Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Tofu, Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Salt, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Liquid Smoke, Paprika, Vegan Margarine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dijon Mustard, Garlic Powder.


The Chilli Cheeze Ball is a flavoursome, bold and daring cheese. An explosion of taste followed by a lingering chilli aftertaste. Its reminiscent of the chilli lovers cheese Mexicana. 

Ingredients: Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Pecans, Tofu, Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Salt, French Mustard, Cayenne Pepper, Liquid Smoke, Paprika, Vegan Margarine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Onion Powder, Hot Chilli Sauce, Red Peppers, Jalapeño, Lactic Acid, Chilli Powder, Cider Vinegar.

Approximately 150 grams

Allergens in bold. 

May contain traces of gluten, nuts, soya and mustard and sesame.

Storage: store at 3-5C and eat prior to 'best before' date.