The December Taster Box (Large)

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Get your festive cheeseboard nailed with our Large December Taster Box. This box includes firm favourites such as the incredible Veganzola and the herby G.O.A.T., along with FIVE BRAND-SPANKING-NEW PRODUCTS from our incredible suppliers.

We have the moorish Garlic Butter by new supplier, Our Paula's, a new winter chutney and tomato-laced cheese by Strictly Roots Vegan, an indulgent Amaretto cheesecake by Black Arts Vegan, AND THE LONG-AWAITED CASHEW BLUE BY FOOD BY SUMEAR! 

We'll even throw in a free bag of Vegan sweets which have been sent to us by the very kind Coco Confectionary of Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. If this vegan banquet doesn't knock your socks off, then we'll eat our hats!


1. Muenster - The Arty Vegan - 100g
2. Feta Style - Food by Sumear - 50g
3. Red Queen - Black Arts Vegan - 100g
4. Farmhouse - Kinda Co. - 50g
5. G.O.A.T - I Am Nut Ok - 50g
6. Veganzola - Honestly Tasty - 50g
7. Papa Rica - I Am Nut Ok - 50g
8. Paulas Garlic Butter 
9. Spirulina Blue - Kinda Co. -  50g
0. Amaretto Macadamia Cheesecake - Black Arts Vegan

11. Sumear Blue - Food by Sumear - 50g
12. Nerominded - I Am Nut Ok - 50g
13. Winter Squash, Apple and Chilli Chutney - Strictly Roots Vegan - 200g

14. You Say Tomayto - Strictly Roots Vegan - 50g

Still not enough cheese?! Take a look at our Ultimate Christmas Hamper, available for pre-order now!

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