The Italian Banchetto Box

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This is a selection box for all of you lovers of bold, classic Italian flavour. In this box you will find a banchetto (banquet) of mouth-watering Italian-style cheeses to explore, including cheeses to sprinkle over your spaghetti, melt on your pizza, or even to spread generously on your favourite ciabatta. Bellissimo!

This box includes:
1. G.O.A.T by I Am Nut Ok (100g)
2. Big Burrata by Strictly Roots Vegan (210g pack)
3. Veganzola by Honestly Tasty (150g) 
4. Italian Style by Naturally Vegan Food Company (150g pot)
5. Mozzarisella original (200g pack)

These products individually would usually come to over £26, but this set is available for just £25 plus shipping costs.

Stock is limited on this delicious selection, so make sure you get in quickly to beat the crowd!

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