The October Taster Box (Large)

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This month we bring you yet another fantastic taster box, this time showcasing the country's finest vegan charcuterie along with brand new, game-changing products from The Arty Vegan! From plant-based chorizo slices, to a melting brie and an oozing burrata, this box will 

introduce you to some of the most innovative products on the market.

Not to mention we've even added a new, artisanal chutney from Strictly Roots Vegan that we're sure will knock your socks off. We're not sure how we'll ever top this one, but if you're looking to build the plant-based charcuterie board of your dreams we think we've got you covered.

  1. The Arty Muenster – The Arty Vegan – 100g
  2. Farmhouse – Kinda Co. – 50g
  3. Seitan Chorizo – The Arty Vegan – 100g
  4. Truffle Brie – The Arty Vegan – 100g
  5. Pastramheat – Sgaia – 120g
  6. Veganzola – Honestly Tasty – 50g
  7. Caramelised Beetroot Chutney - Strictly Roots Vegan
  8. G.O.A.T – I Am Nut Ok – 50g
  9. Clearspring Organic Oatcakes
  10. Gondino Aged – 200g
  11. Salamino – Sgaia – 120g
  12. Fire & Nice – I Am Nut Ok – 50g
  13. Spirulina Blue – Kinda Co. – 50g
  14. Big Burrata – Strictly Roots Vegan – 210g
  15. 10 Hour Maple Smoked – Food by Sumear – 50g

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