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Who doesn't love a good smoked cheese?

Wether it's hickory flavoured, paprika infused, or authentically smoked over a 12-hour applewood barbecue, there's something for everyone in this smoke-lovers selection box!

1. Black Arts Vegan - Smoke on the Water 100 grams Smoke On The Water is a vegan take on everyone's favourite smoked cheeses - a red, sharp cheddar with a rock and roll hit of Hickory smoke. Grates, slices and melts to make the perfect cheese toasties, cheesy veggie burgers, or everyones favourite cheese on toast recipe - Welsh Rarebit!

2. Strictly Roots Vegan - Smoke House 100 grams - This firm, sliceable cheese has a soya base that is smoked with applewood. This cheese reminds us of  a Bavarian style smoked cheese and is dusted in sweet paprika. It's nut free and great for slicing, grating and melting or just eaten with some chutney and crackers.

3. I Am Nut OK - Fire & Nice - 100 grams - This cashew cheese is interlaced with deep, smoky, spicy chipotle flavour and is balanced with the subtle earthy sweetness of goji berries in this deliciously unique cheese. Packs quite the kick so this cheese is perfect for the spice lover!

4. I Am Nut OK - Paparica - 100 grams PapaRica, the grandfather of cheeses. This delicious cheese has been aged to perfection while donned in a jacket of smoked paprika. Spicy, savoury, tangy. A perfect stand-out cheese for any cheeseboard. 

5. Food by Sumear - Maple Smoked Cheddar - 100 grams No shortcuts were taken here. This cheese is traditionally outdoor cold-smoked for a minimum of 10 hours using real Maple Wood. An extremely unique, hard, cashew cheese with the flavour of a deep, strong, and authentically smoked Gouda or Scamorza.

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