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Picnic baskets at the ready for the arrival of our Summer Selection Box! 🌞 Whether you’ll be rushing over to your local green space or sunning it up in your garden, we can’t imagine a better way to spend a summer afternoon than sharing (or not!) an indulgent, plant-based picnic. Nail your summer celebrations with this curated selection, packed with new and improved products and a surprise collaboration we’ve been dying to tell you all about…

We’ve teamed up with Strictly Roots Vegan and masters of vegan pastries, Ruby’s of London, to bring you lovely folks PLANT-BASED CREAM TEA!

Even if we do say so ourselves, we really think we’ve nailed this one 🤤 Here’s the rundown of what we’ve packed into this latest bundle:

Pesto Burrata from Strictly Roots Vegan - The delicious Big Burrata, stuffed with fresh, hand crafted, basil pesto. Get a loaf of your favourite breads and some juicy tomatoes to enjoy with this limited edition delicacy.

Veganzola from Honestly Tasty - We’ve included a big 150g hunk of this beautiful blue for your cheeseboards and to chop up in your favourite summer salads!

C'e Dairy from I Am Nut OK – The deliciously cheesy C’e Dairy making an appearance with its brand-new recipe, making it tangier with the characteristic stinkiness of French dairy cheeses. Spread onto some crusty bread and enjoy with our selection of artisanal chutneys.

Herbivoresin from Honestly Tasty - A deliciously buttery, garlic-infused edition to Honestly Tasty’s range. If you’ve been missing Boursin, this will certainly hit the spot!

Scones from Ruby’s of London - A first for Ruby’s bakery and an exclusive for La Fauxmagerie, these plant-based scones blew us away! We’ve no doubt you’ll love them as much as we do.

Cashew clotted cream from La Fauxmagerie – say hello to our very own cashew clotted cream, formulated right here at La Fauxmagerie. Rich and creamy with a hint of nuttiness, this cashew clotted cream is made to add the perfect indulgent touch to your cream tea.

Raspberry and rhubarb jam from Strictly Roots Vegan – A delightfully sweet and fruity artisanal jam with a hint of vanilla to spread on warm scones.

We hope you love the Summer Box as much as we have enjoyed curating it!

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