Visiting the shop

How do I get there?

We are located in 20 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH, just off the infamous Brick Lane. Our closest bus stop is Brick Lane, which is serviced by the buses 8 and 388. Our nearest tube and train stations are Shoreditch Highstreet, Liverpool Street, Bethnal Green and Aldgate East. 

Is there wheelchair access?
There is a small 3-4-inch step leading into the shop, however a wheelchair ramp is available.

Do I have to be vegan?
Absolutely not. We welcome everyone to our shop no matter their diet.

Do you offer samples?
We offer a try-before-you-buy service in store where staff provide samples of the fresh cheeses on display, however pre-packaged products are usually not available for sampling.

Can I bring my own containers to save on packaging?
Yes, we are more than happy to accommodate this!

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, your pooch is welcome to come in but of course must be kept on a leash and away from the cheeses!

I want to take my cheese outside of the UK. Is this possible?
If you are visiting our shop and want to travel back home with your cheeses, we strongly recommend bringing a cool bag and ice packs with you and staying in accommodation with access to a fridge and freezer. Many cheeses can be frozen, so we recommend freezing cheeses before traveling and storing in a cool bag during the journey with ice packs to keep them cool. Once cheeses defrost do not refreeze them. Information on which cheeses can be frozen is available in store and in our online shop.


Product information

What are the cheeses made from?
Depending on the product, this can be cashew, almond, soy milk, tofu, chickpea flour, sprouted brown rice with more bases being experimented with by numerous suppliers.

What’s the shelf life? Does it need to be refrigerated?
All the cheeses must be kept chilled at all times. Generally, cashew and almond cheeses can last around a week past their best before date if they are kept chilled and sealed. Nut-based cheeses can also be frozen for up to 2 months and defrosted in the fridge.

Soy cheeses have a shorter shelf life and need to be eaten by their use by date. We do not recommend freezing soy-based cheeses. We then stock more mass-market brands that are pre-packaged and can last for weeks to months unopened. Please refer to individual product pages and packaging for product-specific information.

What if I have allergies?
All products pages in our online shop contain allergen information. If visiting the shop in person, please ask staff for information on allergens.

Are the cheeses more expensive than supermarket dairy cheese?
Generally, yes. This is because many of them are nut-based and are also made by small-batch, artisanal suppliers. While the cheeses can seem pricier than “regular” cheese from a supermarket, this additional cost does come with the benefit of eating high-quality products made with wholefoods by independent vegan businesses, whose staff are paid fairly for their work. Supporting these businesses means that as they expand, their production will eventually become more cost-effective, making savings that can then be passed on to customers.

Do you do gift cards?
Yes! Please see our gift card option on our online shop where you can purchase yours.

Online orders

How long will it take for my cheeses to be delivered?
Deliveries are only made between Tuesday-Friday as our courier cannot guarantee 24-hour delivery over the weekends. Our packaging can only guarantee the cheeses remain chilled for up to 48 hours, so we cannot take the risk of delays over the weekend period and our courier will not refund us the cost of spoiled goods even for delays or lost parcels caused by their own company. For more information on our delivery schedules, please read our shipping policy here.

Is there a lot of packaging?
We do use double-lined cardboard boxes, paper-based box liners and recyclable ice packs for our packaging. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as the products must be kept chilled during transit. Luckily our boxes and linings are curb-side recyclable and our ice pack contents are non-toxic, and so can be emptied into a bin before recycling the plastic.

How do I store my cheeses when they arrive?
Once your products are delivered you will need to refrigerate all fresh produce (e.g. cheeses, meat alternatives and butters) and keep below 5C. We would also recommend keeping cheeses in a sealed container once opened to keep them fresher for longer. Please make sure you read the storage instructions and allergen information on each product to ensure you store and consume your products safely.

Can I send the packaging back to you to reduce waste?
As we haven’t yet been able to arrange a cost-effective packaging return process with our courier, customers sending packaging back by mail would need to do this at their own expense. However, if you are able to visit the shop you are welcome to bring back your packaging and ice packs for re-use. 

Can I collect from the store?
Yes! Please order online as usual, choose the 'Pick Up" option when choosing your shipping method, then specify your collection date in the “Instructions for Seller” section during the checkout process. 

Do you ship outside of the UK?
Not yet! Please subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on this, as we are currently talking to our courier of shipping cheeses internationally. We will send an update once progress is made on this front.

I'm having issues with my delivery. How do I contact the courier? 
1. Call: 02476937770
2. Press 2
3. Type in random 7 digit number then #
4. Press 1
5. Type it in again and press #
6. Press 1 to speak to an advisor

How do I make a large order? Do you sell at wholesale prices?
If you would like to arrange large orders for catering, weddings etc. please get in touch through email at hello@lafauxmagerie.com

We are a small business dealing with fresh, artisanal products, so we appreciate your patience with processing times. We do not currently sell at wholesale prices, however we can arrange a discount on RRP for regular orders.



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